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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Control and Standards

All our products would have quality control systems conforming to ISO9001:2008 quality control systems. Continuing statistical process control and process capability improvement would be applied for all products manufacturing process. Our commitment and continuous effort would be to improve product quality.

We aim to be world class IC manufacturers, committed to customer satisfaction & to encourage the spirit of leadership amongst our team by creating a healthy environment for continues growth, profit and prosperity.

Process of Chemical Analysis

  • In house spectrometer with 24 channels capable of testing Fe, Ni, Co, Al based materials and also Nitrogen content.
  • All heats poured are tested on-line on Spectrometer.
  • All the scrap used are also tested before using.
  • Specimens are stored for particular period.

Process of Physical Testing

  • In house Universal Testing Machine.
  • In house Hardness Testing Machine.
  • In house Impact Testing Machine.

Various Test to be provided

Chemical Analysis, Tensile Test, Impact Test, Radiography (X-Ray), Dye Penetrate, Corrosion Test, MPT Test, Microstructure.

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